Buy Corn Husks

Our Whole Corn Husks are sold in bundles and by the box. Clean and sun-dried to perfection; they have the clean smell of fresh hay. Our clients use our husks for fall decorations, wreath making, primitive dolls, and floral decor for special events and country wedding venues. 

We have sourced the best corn husks locally since 2014. We are a nationwide supplier to both new and repeat customers. With our many years of experience, we guarantee you will be more than satisfied with our quality corn husks and products.

    You can buy corn husks at my Etsy Shop. Sherry Rowell Art 

Corn Husk Bundles - Perfect for small craft projects. Make decorative accents, bowl fillers, small wreaths, husk dolls, and more. Husks are shipped in large bubble envelopes. Expect 3 days to fulfill order and 5 days for shipping.                                        

Box of 20 Husks - Perfect for larger craft projects. Make large wreaths, garland, table top displays, and  more. Please ask questions before ordering.

Please contact me at My Personal Email with questions concerning our corn husks.